TRS Tube Top – Black (Thanks!) (Lubbly Jubblies!) / Reign Denim Skater Skirt – Light / Amala Jellies – Liquorice / Yummy Deluxe Planet Lover Necklace / Bens Beauty Lila Bracelets – Silver

Pink Acid Annette & Appliers – Freckles Latte / Slink Hands – Casual / Slink Feet – Flat / Loud Mouth Brandee & Normal Teeth / Lolas Tango Mirage / Wowmeh Silhouette V1 (Not available) / Magika Bliss Hair – 03

Elephante Poses – Ember (Thanks MJ!) (VIP Gift, fee to join!)

Let’s Dance to Joy Division


I’m finally using a laptop which doesn’t have weird crash issues when I copy things from viewers! So hopefully I can now go back and edit my last few posts with links for you guys slowly but surely.

In other news, Elephante Poses has a super adorable set out for the Dreaming Tree this weekend! The thought bubbles and poses can be bought separately or together and there’s some fun options for the bubbles, like hearts, $$$ and ZZZ! Hurry up and get down there before they go up in price!

I couldn’t find SLURLs for some of these stores, sorry!

Amitomo Roll Up Sleeves T-Shirt – #1 / Aphrodisiac High Jean Shorts – Light Black / Flite Malibu Lows – Floral / Half-Deer Ring & Antler Necklace – Natural / Buzzeri Kaleido Glasses – Gold / BOOM Friendship Bracelets / ILO SS Bracelet Watch – Cyan / Anachron Wild Things Gacha Phone – Bear (Wild Things!) / Schadenfreude Wombat – Albino (Wild Things!) / Barely Legal Cross to Bear Ring – Gold / AMALA Bull Bindi – Sky (No. 21!)

TSG Angel Skin & Appliers – D Tone / Slink Hands – Casual / Slink Feet – Flat / Wowmeh Mesh Body (Not Available) / Loud Mouth Alli & Bucked Teeth / Olive Izzy Hair – HUD 03 / MONS Septum Ring 01 – Bronze / Reckless Remember the Dead Tattoo (Upper Body) / Elska The Keeper Tattoo (Legs) / TSG Summer Eyes – Ice Blue / Buzzeri Talia Brows – Dark Brown

Poses & Bubble Prop
Elephante Poses – Daydreaming Poses & <3 Thought Bubble (The Dreaming Tree!) (Thanks MJ!)

Let’s Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats

In The Morning

in the morning


As soon as I saw this cute sporty set from Modanna at LJ, I thought of yoga on the beach as the sun rose! I wish I lived on the coast so I could actually go and do some yoga in front of the sea, but as always I’ll stick to living vicariously through my avatar for now.

Once more, I can’t add links at the moment, but I’m hopefully going to set up my old desktop which shouldn’t have this weird issue with copying and pasting, so look out for links later!

Modanna Vendome Collection Sporty Kit – Grey (Thanks!) (Lubbly Jubblies!) / Ingenue Lula Yoga Socks – Dove / Flow Mesh Wrist / Pekka Necklace – Crown Silver

The Sugar Garden Angel Skin & Appliers – D Tone / Slink Hands – Casual / Slink Feet – Flat / Magika Plenty Hair – HUD 02 / Loud Mouth Alli & Bucked Teeth / The Sugar Garden Summer Eyes – Ice Blue (Cosmetic Fair!) / Buzzeri Talia Eyebrows – Dark Brown / Wowmeh Mesh Body (No Longer Available)

Marukin – Poppy (C88!)




It is so hot in the UK right now, it’s ungodly if I’m honest. It’s just muggy and humid and far too hot for a winter lover like me, but at least my avatar is benefiting from the heatwave and getting to wear cute stuff! (And also not sweat ever, lucky her!)

Alterego, one of my long time favourites, (their group was the first paid one I joined on this avatar,) is having a little sale to celebrate the remodelling of their sim! Everything is 30% off which is kick ass, and you should join their VIP group as Toxx’s birthday is coming up and there’s going to be a big group only party as always, with freebies and store credit giveaways as well as awesome music and company!

My laptop still explodes in a fiery ball of shut downs when I try to copy anything in SL and paste it to my browser or to notepad, so once more links are missing, I’m hoping to get Alex to fix this heap o’ crap I call a laptop very soon though!

Alterego T Back Tank – You Suck / Biddy Spring Shorts – Plain / Flite Malibu Lows – Black (The Season’s Story!) / Alterego U Can’t Sit With Us Necklace (Group Gift! Join Fee) / Noodles Bad Ring – Black

The Sugar Garden Angel Skin & Appliers – D Tone / Little Bones Poser Hair – Fatpack (Thanks Nova!) / Loud Mouth Alli & Bucked Teeth / The Sugar Garden Summer Eyes – Ice Blue (Cosmetic fair!) / Reckless Remember the Dead Tattoo (Arms & Torso) / Letis Tattoo Aeternus (Legs) / Buzzeri Talia Brows – Dark Brown (Cosmetic Fair!) / KOOQLA Glassy Shadow – Silver (Cosmetic Fair!) / Hebenon Vial Subtle Dare (Thick) Piercings / Slink Hands Casual / Slink Feet Flat / Random Matter Nude Glosses – 6 (Cosmetic Fair!)

Elephante Poses – Rather Be (Thanks MJ!) (2 Year Anniversary Gift!)

Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Unicorn Wizard



My laptop is still being a jerk so posts are difficult and take me AGES to do, ugh. It takes a lot of the fun out of blogging if I’m honest, but I’m trying to chug by! This is something out of my comfort zone, a little fantasy inspired look with gorgeousness from Aisling and Junbug amongst others. I still can’t do anything while in world with my browser open or I’ll crash so once again links are missing for now :/

Junbug Rosamarie Corset, Skirt & Frilly Knickers (Worn as frills/decoration) – Blush / Aisling Tallulah Arms, Bracers, Pauldrons & Necklace – Gold / Alchemy Dreams Filigree Mask – Pink / Alchemy Storybook Creatures – Pink Unicorn /┬áThe Annex Knuckle Ring – Gold & Diamond

Glam Affair Summer Skin & Lipstick – Asia NB / Nox Renae Brows – Dark Blonde / ISON Diamond Hair – 01 Lights / Slink Hands – Elegant & Elegant 1 / Slink Physique Mesh Body

Elephante Poses – Mistress of Evil (Thanks MJ!)

Storybrooke Gardens

Unicorn Wizard by Ninja Sex Party (NSFW & Hilarious~)

Who Run The World?


It’s time for a mini-celebration! This is the 100th post on this blog, yay! I never thought when I started this that I would ever get any sponsors or readers, and I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for being on this fun journey with me. Here’s to the next 100! (Links will be added later as I can’t currently run my viewer and browser together, my good laptop died on me :C Ask if you need to know urgently in world!)

Sassy! Crushed Velvet Mini Dress – Black (Thanks!) (Lubbly Jubblies!) / Razor Vice Heels – Black (ROMP!) / Aisling Eunice Bracelets – Black / Maxi Gossamer Shadow Cross Necklace

The Sugar Garden Angel Skin & Appliers – D Tone / Little Bones Timebomb Hair – Fatpack (Thanks Nova!) / Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual / Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet – High / MONS Septum Ring Style One – Black / Loud Mouth Alli & Bucked Teeth / The Sugar Garden Summer Eyes – Ice Blue (Cosmetic Fair!) / Wowmeh Mesh Body (No Longer Available) / BOOM Lip Jelly Darks – Ink

Elephante Poses – Goddess of Love (Thanks MJ!)



lubbly jubblies is gearing up for its next round! there are some gorgeous goodies coming up, including this super cute shirt dress which i’ve thrown some high waisted jeans over from pink sugah! it comes with a belt as well as a prim collar and appliers for many meshy bits!

pink sugah sail away shirt dress – navy w/ white (thanks!) (lubbly jubblies!) / the secret store rise skinny jeans – blue denim / ingenue mila flats – cherry / aso! travelling necklace – silver / noodles nata & meg collection anchor bangle – gold / boom itsy hair bow

the sugar garden angel skin & appliers – d tone / l’douce push rose lips for loud mouth / slink┬ácasual hands / slink flat feet / nox renae brows – dark brown / loud mouth alli & bucked teeth / ikon promise eyes – industrial / little bones starry eyed hair – roots (thanks nova!) / bella elephante do re mi nails (thanks mj!)

elephante poses – simple kind of life (thanks mj!)